Thursday, March 7, 2013

Amish Book List

Below is a list of my current and upcoming books.
Those highlighted in blue are available now, 
and the others are soon-to-be released.
Jacob's Daughter Amish Series
Jacob's Daughter
Amish Winter Wonderland
Under the Mulberry Tree
Amish Winter of Promises
Chasing Fireflies
Amish Summer of Courage
Under the Harvest Moon

Amish Winter Collection
An Amish Christmas Wish
Amish White Christmas
Amish Love Letters

LWF Amish Series
Little Wild Flower: Book One
Little Wild Flower: Book Two
The Taming of a Wild Flower: Book Three
Unto Others: Companion Edition
Little Wild Flower in Bloom
Little Wild Flower's Journey

Amish Romance
The Quilter's Son: Book One: Liam's Choice
The Quilter's Son: Book Two: Lydia's Heart
The Amish Gardener 

Christian Romance
Milk Maid in Heaven
The Anniversary
A Sheriff's Legacy: Book One (Historical)
Preacher Outlaw: Book Two (Historical)

Amish Love Series
An Amish Harvest
An Amish Courtship
An Amish Widower
Amish Sisters

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