Saturday, June 9, 2012

Independence Day Giveaway Blog Hop

To sign up for this blog hop, please follow this link HERE to add your name to the linky list.

What can I give away on my blog hop?

Examples would be: books, gift certificates from amazon, B&N, Starbucks, Mcdonald’s, or any business of your choice, crafts, or anything else creative.
SIGN UPS OPEN APPROX. ONE MONTH BEFORE prior to the start of a hop.
Please feel free to participate in as many hops as possible. Check back frequently to see which new hops are available. If you would like to host a hop, please PM me on FB.

Who can participate?
Book reviewer blogs, cooking blogs, DIY blogs, craft blogs, etc. As long your blog does NOT contain any controversial material (Family-friendly, G-rated bloggers ONLY PLEASE). If you run a family-friendly blog, feel free to grab this button from the images on the right side of my blog. When you display this logo on your blog, visitors will immediately recognize your blog as containing clean material.

Only “Family-Friendly” blogs are allowed to participate in my hops.
For those of you that are book reviewers, this does not mean you must review only children’s books. I will be excluding any sites that contain steamy pictures or book covers. Please send me a personal message (PM) on Facebook if you have any questions, as this is the best way to reach me quickly.

What is a giveaway blog hop?
Each participating blog hosts a giveaway, and then we link up all the blog sites together allowing our followers to “hop” easily from one giveaway to the next on the list.
For followers, that means a lot of chances to win free books, gift certificates, or other prizes in our giveaways.
For host blogs it means a lot of new visitors and followers.
It’s a win-win.
Anyone who hosts a giveaway on their blog during the hop is free to enter all giveaways on the other blogs.

 Tentative Schedule of future blog hops: Please grab all buttons for these hops from the right side of my blog and place them on your own blog to show you are participating.
More will be added, so check back frequently.

To sign up for this blog hop, please follow this link HERE to add your name to the linky list.

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