Friday, January 27, 2012

Amish Winter Wonderland (An Amish, Christian Romance)

New Release!

BOOK TWO of Jacob's Daughter series.
Amish Romance
1.99 Kindle or Nook
Twenty-five-year-old LILLIAN STOLTZFUS is living in the shadow of her deceased brother. When her dad gives her the gift of land that would normally go to the eldest son, it includes a bakery he built as an offering to a suitor for her. No one wants marriage for Lillian more than she wants it for herself, but at twenty-five, she fears she will end up a spinster if Seth never returns her secret feelings for him.

Thirty-year-old SETH MILLER is loaded down with the responsibility of caring for an overbearing father. His loyalty to his father's farm has caused him to put his own needs on hold his entire adult life. Being secretly in love with Lillian for many months, he finds it difficult to speak to her because he lacks the confidence having never dated before.

Will the contents of an old spice box change everything for both of them? Or are they destined to admire each other from afar indefinitely?

LOOK for BOOK THREE: Under The Mulberry Tree, BOOK FOUR: Amish Summer of Promises, BOOK FIVE: An Amish Courtship, BOOK SIX: The Quilter's Son: Liam's Choice, Coming 2012
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