Friday, November 25, 2011

25 days of Christmas DONATIONS

In this season of giving, I'd like to challenge my readers to think about those who are less fortunate than we are. I find that around the holidays, most people are willing to give some assistance to others in need. 

But...I have often wondered what would happen if we extended that giving nature of ours to somehow spread that good-cheer throughout every day instead of saving it for the end of the year. Would it become a way of life, and would the world operate just a little more peacefully? Or would it become so commonplace that we should lose sight of the value that those gifts of generosity that we hold dear at Christmas time can be for the giver as well as the receiver?

For most of us who give what we can, when we can, the true treasure lies in knowing that we have benefited our fellow man in a positive way. That is why we cherish our giving season: to give back to society or to change a life.

However, when the year changes over and we promise ourselves a better year ahead, let us decide to hold true to our well-meant resolutions to make our world a better place and to be more generous of ourselves and our financial advantages. By doing so, it might just be our own lives that we end up improving.

PLEASE JOIN ME in raising money for the less fortunate during this Christmas by donating what you can to the online Salvation Army. The money we raise together will provide meals for hungry families, and gifts to CHILDREN who might not get a gift this Christmas without our generous donations. My goal is to raise TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($10,000)! Please HELP me reach that goal...


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