Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mixed Reviews

After seeing the many reviews I’ve received from readers of my paranormal fiction, The Apothecary, I decided it was time to offer some author feedback to the many questions surrounding the romance aspect of this book…
While most have said the romance between Ben and Claire was refreshing and exciting, a few select others have labeled it as hasty and a bit unbelievable. To that I say, what’s not to believe?
There are still people today that have arranged marriages where the couple doesn’t even get to meet each other until the moment they are getting married! And since the majority of folks these days have sex within a few days of knowing each other (sometimes even on a first date), I thought it would be refreshing if my couple was married within a few days of meeting and didn’t have sex until after they were married…a lot of my readers found that very romantic.
First of all, let’s remember that this book is fiction, and the romance in it is no more unbelievable than a woman falling for a hot, steamy vampire or a sexy ghost, which seems to be the popular subject in books at the moment.  Let’s not forget that Claire does see ghosts, so that alone sets the stage for her character. 
Secondly, when I write, I like to color outside the lines to bring my stories something that not every other book has. I have to believe that readers are tired of reading the same story over and over where everyone follows the rules, just with a different set of characters and written by a different author. I don't know about you, but I get bored reading the same basic story all the time!
In my Amish romance, Little Wild Flower, I bring a teenage hippie-chick from the 1970’s together with a seventeen-year-old Amish boy, which has probably never happened in real life, but it made for an interesting storyline nonetheless. So you can see that each of my books will offer something out of the ordinary, and I will continue to bring the unusual and unexpected to my readers so that my books will always stand out in the crowd.   
In conclusion, I’d like to point out that not every writer can please all of the people all of the time, no matter how popular he or she is. Reading is a matter of preference for a certain subject matter, and that is why I write several different genres, so I can offer something of interest for the majority of readers, with the hope of pleasing most of the people most of the time.
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