Thursday, June 30, 2011

The New York Times Best Selling Author, John Locke, joins Freedom Giveaway Hop!

This month I have the honor of giving away a copy of my friend, John Locke's, new book along with mine, for TWO great giveaways! 
TWO winners will get a Kindle copy of both books!
Attention all Indie Authors: You NEED this book!

How I sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months

Now, for the first time ever, John Locke reveals the marketing system he created to sell more than 1,100,000 eBooks in five months! 

His Credentials:

  • John is the eighth author in the world—and the first self-published author in history—to have sold 1 million eBooks on Kindle!
  • He is the first self-published author to hit #1 on the Amazon/Kindle Best Seller’s List, and the first to hit both #1 and #2 at the same time!
  • He is a New York Times best-selling author!
  • He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Entertainment Weekly!
  • He has had 4 of the top 10 books on Amazon/Kindle at the same time, including #1 and #2!
  • He has had 7 books in the top 34 and 8 books in the Top 50 at the same time!
These numbers are not positions within a category. They are positions that include all Kindle sales including fiction, non-fiction, magazine subscriptions, and game apps!

By the middle of March, 2011, it had been calculated that “every 7 seconds, 24 hours a day, a John Locke novel is downloaded somewhere in the world.”

…All this was achieved PART TIME, without an agent, publicist, and at virtually no marketing expense!

A Secret in the Attic
Amy has two best friends. Emma is her best friend and rival, Jonathon is her childhood sweetheart.
But then she meets Jake, and everything changes. 

When Amy finds an ancient book in an old steamer trunk in her grandmother’s attic, her world is turned upside down. 

The book contains an old gypsy curse; a curse so powerful it’s called The Curse of the Widowed Bride

Amy’s secrets could destroy all of them, but what’s a few secrets between friends? 

Only one can break the curse. 

Which one will walk down the aisle? 

Find out in this urban fantasy... 

Giveaway Entry Requirements:

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It's that simple!

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Last Day to Enter is July 7, 2011  Comment section below link list!
TWO winners will get a Kindle copy of both books!
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