Monday, September 20, 2010

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Jane Abigail Reeves is LITTLE WILD FLOWER.
Raised as a city girl; her father moves fifteen-year-old Jane
and her entire family to farmhouse in the heart of a rural
Amish community in Indiana as a respite for her alcoholic mother.
Finding farm life more complicated than city life; Jane shuns
herself from family and neighbors until she stumbles upon
sixteen-year-old Elijah, the Amish boy next door. As she slowly
ventures out of her comfort zone, she begins to mimic her family's
acceptance of Amish living, realizing it's a practical solution for
squelching the dysfunction of her family's past. Set in the 1970's,
Jane's story is full of obstacles she must overcome in order to
preserve her growing friendship with Elijah that could tie them
together for a lifetime, or tear them apart in the process.
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