Friday, September 24, 2010

Patience is a virtue??

When most people think of being patient, it makes them feel even more impatient! Who wants to wait for anything? Especially when they don't have to. When I was little, my parents would tell me things like "in a minute", or "Just a minute", or my all-time favorite; "not now".  NOT NOW??!! To a child that can be torture...but even as an adult it still strikes a nerve.
Fortunately for me, I have found a way around the "not now" syndrome. Using simple self pep-talks, if you will, to achieve the things I need or want, I no longer have to worry about being patient. Yes, this method of changing your thinking takes time, but because you come to expect the results you ask for, you no longer need to feel impatient because you KNOW it IS coming to you. Most people would refer to this method of changing your thinking as the law of attraction, or the power of positive thinking...some even call it divine intervention. Whatever the case may be, it DOES work because I live my life by it. I no longer chase after things with an impatient heart. I don't need to. I simply repeat my request as though I have already achieved or attained it, and sit back and wait (yes, I said wait) for it to come to me. Claiming you already have that new car, or enough money to pay your bills, or whatever it is you want no longer requires patience. It simply requires belief in your mind that you CAN afford that new car, and that you DO have enough money to pay those bills every month.
I have a list that I made for myself. I add to this list often, and I highlight the things that I have achieved, gotten, or things that have come to pass in red to remind me this method DOES WORK...needless to say, most of my current list is covered in red highlight!!
Be brave. Make your own list. Speak it out loud every day. And while you are saying "I have enough money to pay my bills on time every month", mean every word of it. Push away all negative thoughts. In fact; put that on the's on mine! Tell yourself every day that you have patience if you have to. I told myself that every day, and now I no longer worry about time because when you remove impatience from your thought process, the world will come to you at warp speed.
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